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Introducing our Massage Therapy Gift Vouchers – the ultimate relaxation experience awaits! Treat your friends, family, or yourself to the soothing benefits of massage with these versatile vouchers. Whether it's a tension-relieving Thai massage, a muscle-soothing deep tissue session, or a serene relaxation/hot stone treatment, our gift vouchers are your ticket to tranquility.
Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or a well-deserved self-care treat, our Massage Therapy Gift Vouchers open the door to a world of rejuvenation. Choose between the $60 or $100 option, providing the flexibility to tailor the experience to individual preferences.
Valid for all our services, these vouchers are the ideal way to show someone you care about their well-being. With no restrictions on the type of massage or treatment, recipients can customize their experience to their specific needs. Give the gift of relaxation and healing with our Massage Therapy Gift Vouchers – thoughtful and indulgent presents that bring the benefits of wellness to life.

$60 Gift Certificate

    • Gift vouchers are valid for a period of [12] months from the date of purchase.
    • Gift Vouchers are subject to verify at the time of use.
    • The gift voucher is transferable, but it cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of payment.
    • Gift vouchers could become void in the case of defacement or damage.
    • Relaxed 1 Therapy Massage Centre is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen gift vouchers.
    • The use of gift vouchers might have certain conditions tied to ongoing promotions and offers. The team at Relaxed 1 reserves the right to provide more information about these conditions at the time of voucher use.
    • All gift vouchers must be authorized by the Manager of Relaxed 1, otherwise they are invalid.
    • The purchase of the gift voucher is non-refundable.
    • Once the voucher is issued, no refunds will be provided.
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